All venue ratings are our own opinion, based on factors relevant to the provision of the mobile disco entertainment we provide, and do not include other factors which may influence your choice of venue.

  • Parking: Parking facilites at the venue. We require parking space for one vehicle for the duration of the event. Our star rating for parking reflects the overall parking facilities at the venue.

  • DJ Access: This relates to the access from our vehicle to the stage area. Low scoring venues may have stairs, lifts, narrow corridors or larger distances.

  • Stage Area: Factors affecting this rating include size of the stage area, proximity to the dancefloor, power etc. - As a general rule, lower scores usually mean a smaller stage area, and the amount of equipment we are able to include may be effected.

  • Acoustics: The general acoustic rating of the venue, this rating is also affected by any environmental limitations on the service we provide. For example, a venue within it's own grounds away from a residiential area would score highly, while a venue in a residential area may score lower. A zero rating usually means the venue has a sound limiter fitted, which can have a drastic negative effect on the evening's entertainment.

  • Overall: An average scoring of the above four factors.

When a rating shows an i symbol next to it, clicking on this will give more detailed information for this venue.